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Books Suicide Squad 016 (2013) (digital) (TheGroup) (Tablet Edition).cbz
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This is from the original scanner. I adjusted the resolution and compressed the file for easier reading on tablets and ereaders. I have added 'Tablet Edition' to the name to avoid confusion.

Enjoy and please seed back.

By: Adam Glass, Sandu Florea, Ken Lashley
Type: Comics
Genres: Superhero
Series: Suicide Squad
Publisher: DC Comics
Pub. Date: January 16, 2013
Format: CBZ

After a torturous few missions, the team resets under Amanda Waller's watch.

Something is terribly wrong under the surface: power plays, ulterior motives, malfunctioning powers and team members who won't stay dead? What's going on?
Suicide Squad 016 (2013) (digital) (TheGroup) (Tablet Edition).cbz

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